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Expertise in Delivering Net Zero Infrastructure

Climate change, decarbonisation and ensuring national energy security are defining issues for our future.

The UK and Ireland have a legal obligation to be ‘net zero’ by 2050. Delivering new and upgraded infrastructure quickly and effectively is critical.

We have been helping our clients secure community support and relevant consents for their projects for over 40 years and we are ideally placed to support the industry as the necessary scale of change continues to increase exponentially.

Our offer

Our offer

Working across the UK and Ireland and engaging with all relevant consenting regimes, including applications for Planning Permission, Development Consent Orders, Section 36 Consents, Developments of National Significance and Marine Planning Consents our projects have included:

  • One of the first onshore wind farms to be promoted as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.
  • The first bio-ethanol production plant to be consented in the UK and Ireland.
  • One of the first floating offshore wind farm projects in the UK and Ireland.
  • Trailblazing projects associated with carbon capture and storage (CCS), including one of the first pilot projects for CCS at a conventional power station and one of the first projects to capture carbon emissions from an energy from waste facility.
  • An EU funded research project for hydrogen production.
  • The world’s first airport connected Sustainable Aviation Fuel production facility

Our expertise in delivering Net Zero Infrastructure

As independent advisors, we have an extensive track record in securing relevant consents for Net Zero Infrastructure projects of scale and significance across all regions of the UK and Ireland. 

Our experience tells us that there are four interconnected services which lie at the core of successful infrastructure proposals:

  • Planning: Effective consenting strategy with support from key technical disciplines.
  • EIA: Environmental leadership and full integration with design and permitting process.
  • Strategic Communications: Tailored presentation with effective engagement with key consultees and communities.
  • Sustainability and Energy Security: Clearly articulating the benefits to the climate emergency and quantifying the greenhouse gas savings.

We have found this approach, integrated at the core and blended with our other services when appropriate, as visualised below, to be successful and effective across all development sectors, regardless of how new or controversial the project.

Securing consent across the development lifecycle

Securing consent across the development lifecycle

Different types of consent require bespoke approaches for success. As trusted advisors we proactively integrate relevant experience from across our service to navigate each stage of the development lifecycle, providing expert deliverables that secure consents for varied Net Zero Infrastructure.

This showcase features our latest insights and broad experience in the Net Zero Infrastructure sector. For more information please contact one of our experienced co-owners.

Download our Net Zero Infrastructure brochure below showcasing a snapshot of our recent major project experience and a selection of case studies.


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