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Why Turley

We are a specialist independent planning and development consultancy with a difference

We offer:

  • deep thinking to identify and address planning risk
  • smart strategy to deliver sustainable development
  • expert delivery to create successful places

Innovative thinking and a collaborative approach are at the heart of what we do to shape success.

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Our Associate Director Sam McKee talks about offering a unique client service in this short video:

Our approach

Our deep thinking, smart strategy and expert delivery help our clients to succeed. 

Turley is a national planning and development consultancy which, since being founded in 1983, has established a strong reputation for providing honest and sound commercial advice, skilled presentation, advocacy and negotiation.

Our core planning expertise is supported by specialisms led by the best in their fields of design, economics, heritage, strategic communications and sustainability.

Innovative thinking and a collaborative approach are at the heart of what we do to shape success.

We are unique because we:

  • have a full service offer combining planning with specialisms that improve and refine a project and its potential for success
  • listen carefully to understand our clients’ brief and objectives and work creatively to fulfil them 
  • generate smarter strategies for success by applying deep thought to all our projects
  • are rooted and connected in the places and sectors in which we work
  • develop strong relationships and are great to work with
  • are passionate advocates drawing on our skills and motivations
  • bring informed and objective critique, giving advice honestly and constructively
  • work collaboratively with all disciplines to find the best solutions and deliver effectively
  • bring proactive project co-ordination skills borne out of extensive experience
  • are focussed on outcomes, working far beyond ‘process’ and seek to see things from other perspectives
  • stay true to our purpose – it is why we are in business together

These are key to our client relationships and our success in business.