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Environmental Impact Assessment

We advise on the requirement for, and scope of, EIA to minimise impact and ensure a proportionate response

Our service is at the forefront of EIA practice across all development types and geographies. We lead, control and manage the process to deliver robust EIA for all types of development projects in the UK.

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has awarded Turley the EIA Quality Mark in recognition of our technical quality and commitment to improvement in practice.

Our products and services

EIA Strategies

Managing project risks, stakeholder dialogue and setting the framework for EIA during design and assessment

EIA Screening Reports

Responding to the objectives of the project and informing project design.  Our early, robust analysis informs and schedules mitigation, reducing the likely need for EIA

EIA Scoping Reports

Working alongside design teams, challenging technical consultants, and identifying/resolving environmental issues through design.  Our work helps to manage the breadth of the future assessment within Environmental Statements

Environmental Statements (ES)

Documenting the output of the EIA process, following an iterative assessment process and robustly prepared to withstand third party challenges.  Clear identification of risks and mitigation to speed up determination and help prepare for project implementation

Environmental Management Plans (EMP)

A developer focused tool which ensures the delivery of environmental mitigation through planning conditions and construction and operational management plans

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