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We shape better places through high quality, deliverable design

For more detailed information, please see our Urban Design Portfolio:


Turley Urban Design Portfolio

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Good design thinking is one of the heart beats of successful and enduring places.

It is the art and science of shaping.

Our team of designers from landscape, architecture and built environment disciplines work with our clients, communities and decision makers to make memorable, liveable and uplifting places.

Our services span visioning and concept to deliverable masterplan layouts.

Our products and services

Urban design strategies

Articulating the strategic role and setting of new development

Development frameworks

Site specific land use arrangements and quantum scenarios


From conceptual diagrams through to detailed layouts we shape deliverable development proposals

Design and Access Statements, design guidance and codes

Documents that describe our clear and transparent approach to design quality and support the promotion and delivery of development


Strong hand drawn and digital presentation of our work and communication of our strategy

Enhancement schemes

From regeneration areas to public realm strategies that enhance our cities, towns and villages

Landscape design and appraisal

Specialist input to understand landscape setting and shape our proposals to sit comfortably within their environment

Strongly drawn and document graphics

Our skill is in presenting attractive and well-considered solutions, explaining and selling our proposals

3d visualisation

We use a range of software and hand drawn imagery to communicate the appearance, scale and feel of the places that we design

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