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We evidence impact and make the economic case for development

Our comprehensive Economics service provides all the evidence required to successfully promote development by assessing needs, understanding impacts, and optimising social and economic benefits.

We work across all development sectors and throughout the UK.

Our products and services


Assessments of housing need and type, affordable housing, student housing and older persons housing as well as the build to rent sector

Land bids to help our clients access public sector land

Business uses

Economic Needs Assessments, case making for change of use, commercial market assessments and logistics market intelligence. Large-scale employment site promotion


Assessments of school place need and capacity, education impacts assessment, S106 education contribution negotiation, ES chapters


Health impact assessments (HIA) and health ES chapters

Retail and leisure

Need, capacity and impact assessment as well as sequential site assessments

Socio economics

Economic impact assessment, corporate impact assessment and social value assessment. Socio economic ES chapters


Mapping, data capture and spatial analysis covering the UK. Strategic and localised site searches


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