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Client Thorpe Marsh Power Ltd
Turley office Manchester
Status Ongoing
LPA Multiple

The second natural gas pipeline in the UK to secure permission under the 2008 Planning Act

Our role

  • A 19.1 km buried pipeline subject to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Planning (NSIP) regime and legislation set out in the Planning Act 2008.
  • Requirements for pre-application consultation for NSIP schemes are more stringent with minimum requirements and timescales set out in law.
  • Provided Strategic Communications services including an initial phase of informal consultation with four host authorities through which the pipe passed, followed by two formal stages of consultation.
  • Over 20,000 publicity leaflets were issued for each phase of formal consultation, alongside newspaper advertising and formal notifications to statutory and non-statutory stakeholders.
  • A series of public exhibitions were also held, as well as a clearly designed project website and media relations.


  • The application was accepted by the Planning Inspectorate and examination was conducted in accordance with the set timetable.
  • The engagement strategy was a success, with only the affected local authorities and two other parties attending the examination hearings.
  • The Development Consent Order was approved in March 2016.


Project sheet

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