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Client New Energy Partnership
Turley office Manchester
Status Pre-application
LPA South Ayrshire Council / Energy Consent Unit

Nationally Significant BESS in Scotland

Our role

  • We are appointed to co-ordinate the preparation and submission of an application for Section 36 consent (Electricity Act 1989) for a 500MW BESS in Ayr, leading a multi-disciplinary team.
  •  Our role has involved liaison with the Energy Consent Unit / LPA, political and stakeholder engagement, calculation of the GHG emission savings and the beneficial economic impact. 
  • We are also preparing the supporting Planning Statement, which explains the need for and benefits of the proposed development. In addition, we have provided specialist support to the iterative design process (LVIA and Landscape Design).


  • The proposed development will be a 500MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) of national significance. 
  • The project is currently in the pre-application stages. 


Project sheet

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