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Logistics: Insight into the industry

The industrial and logistics sector has seen record-breaking take-up in recent years as a direct response to strong occupier-demand in key locations. Despite recent economic challenges, the sector continues to evolve and is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, thereby creating – and proactively planning for – an efficient supply chain.

The provision of modern industrial and logistics development must be viewed as ‘essential infrastructure’ relating to the manufacturing, storage, supply and delivery of retail, health, construction and industrial products.

The Government’s target for net zero emissions by 2050, the introduction of Investment Zones, and innovative proposals for freeports, gigafactories, multi-storey industrial units, co-location schemes, re-shoring, green technologies, TV/film production, data centres, and “elec-tech” signal an exciting era for the sector.

Planning insight and expertise

Across the UK and Ireland, our track record of promoting and delivering small-to large-scale industrial and logistics schemes is second to none.

Working on behalf of a range of public and private sector clients, we continue to secure Local Plan allocations and planning permissions for modern, high-quality and innovative schemes; whilst providing leading advice on how projects can achieve sustainable growth, and contribute to social value initiatives.


Our Sustainability and ESG team works with high profile clients to maximise sustainability benefits, providing market leading advice on the roll out of Net Zero Carbon logistics, and ensuring new development is resilient to the effects of climate change. The industrial and logistics sector has the potential to help drive forward sustainable, low carbon development which is resilient to the effects of climate change. We deliver a range of sustainability services for clients.

We are helping future-proof buildings, reducing carbon emissions in accordance with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) Net Zero Framework, including carrying out Life Cycle Assessments to reduce embodied carbon, which can contribute over 50% of a logistics building’s lifetime emissions. Through carbon offsetting and the purchase of renewable energy, buildings can achieve net zero. 

Through our contribution to IEMAs guidance on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, we are able to work with clients to ensure developments are resilient to climate change effects, reducing long term climate risks to buildings. As Sustainability and BREEAM consultants, we work with clients through each stage of development to ensure sustainable design is inherent, where necessary securing certification for buildings.

Whole Life Carbon and supporting the objectives of the Circular Economy is an increasing objective for new development, and in line with guidance from the London Plan and UKGBC, we are helping clients ensure consideration is given to a buildings end of life.

Economics & Development Case Making

With the logistics sector often being misunderstood and unloved from a resident, member and council officer perspective, we regularly support clients to demonstrate not only the market need (to inform policy and plan making) but also the range of benefits which the sector can bring.

We are experienced in undertaking employment land analysis and advising on market demand for land and floorspace in different geographies, provide economic and social value strategy to inform scheme vision and delivery, as well as demonstrating the economic impact and social value of schemes as part of plan promotions, planning applications and site bids, and undertake in-depth analysis around particular issues such as labour market availability, job densities and occupation/skills.

Thought Leadership

In addition to sitting on a number of industry boards and panels, we remain at the forefront of sector-leading research, which is used by our clients, as well as industry bodies, to demonstrate the importance of positive planning for industry and logistics at national, regional and local Government levels. Our recent published research includes:

This showcase features our latest insight and broad experience in the logistics sector. For more information please contact Christopher Schiele.

Download our industrial and logistics brochure below showcasing a snapshot of our recent major project experience and a selection of case studies.


Industrial and Logistics brochure

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