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The land that time forgot

Half of all local authorities in England are using out of date information to make decisions about employment land use

We have undertaken research on local authorities across England in order to shine a spotlight on the age of the base that is currently being used to inform Local Plans and planning evidence decisions, and the extent to which this is up to date.

Our research highlights that half of all local authorities in England have published evidence which predates the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in 2012.

Furthermore, economically dynamic Local Enterprise Partnership areas, including those in the Thames Valley and across large parts of the Northern Powerhouse area, rely on some of the oldest evidence anywhere in the country in relation to employment land.

The research raises significant questions about the extent to which local planning is really attuned to the current needs of businesses and the extent to which land supply is capable of supporting continued economic recovery.

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The land that time forgot

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20 December 2016