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Sport and Stadia

Sports are fundamental to the health, wellbeing and collective spirit of our communities.

Beyond drawing supporters, sports and stadia initiatives are a catalyst for local regeneration and ignite excitement, stimulating economic activity and local spending to help communities thrive; creating legacy.

Clubs, organisations and societies promote active participation and through providing strong social, environmental and economic benefits, help to revitalise our towns, cities and regions.

Working collaboratively with clients and Local Authorities, we excel in driving the successful delivery of sports and stadia projects that bring lasting, positive contributions to an area. Our expertise spans the breadth of the UK, advising high-profile, national sports clubs, as well as local, bespoke grassroots projects. As leaders in modernising stadia, infrastructure and facilities, we are committed to helping long-term, sustainable investment in sport.

Through comprehensively understanding the local context and current demands, we proactively shape the future of community environments in response to evolving dynamics, helping establish enduring sports and stadia legacies that last across generations.

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Sport and Stadia: Our portfolio and experience

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Our offer


Local team leaders / Grassroots and beyond / Integrated services / Passion for sports and communities


Local team leaders

We assemble tailored teams that bring together local insights and broad expertise. Every project benefits from our strong working relationships with key regional stakeholders and specialists. Our bespoke multi-disciplinary project teams draw on their roots to deliver nuanced, locally-informed strategies.

Grassroots and beyond

We are champions of both grassroots initiatives and expansive stadium projects. No matter the scale, we work to ensure every development resonates with its community to leave a lasting, positive impact. By building community spirit and enhancing local engagement, local sports clubs can become landmarks in their own right.

Integrated services

Our multi-service team excels at navigating the complexities of site permissions and implementation. Our experts across disciplines bring considerable value and influence to the table. Our success is built on expert consensus and a comprehensive understanding of local dynamics.

Passion for sports and communities

Driven by a genuine passion for sports and stadia development, our projects benefit from our dedicated enthusiasm and commitment. As an employee-owned business each of our professionals has a stake in the success and longevity of our practice and the places and sectors in which we work.

Across the development lifecycle

Our expertise spans the development lifecycle of sports and stadia projects and our team excels at providing expert advice that leads to success at every milestone. Whether your project is in its early stages, experiencing a slowdown, or you need a second opinion - we are here to help from project inception, through to delivery and beyond to identify and implement the optimal route forward. Our expertise also extends to estate management, ensuring that your development not only succeeds during construction but continues to thrive long after completion.

Proven track record

We have extensive experience of acting for high-profile sports clubs, delivering leading schemes that drive growth and the modernisation of stadia and training facilities. Our expertise also extends to legacy projects for public facilities and ambitious grassroots initiatives.

Our established history working with sports and stadia projects of all scales, from navigating complex, policy- constrained environments to enhancing leading sports facilities across the UK, underscores our industry-leading position. Our selected projects illustrate our ability to strategically secure permissions and consistently deliver for our clients. 

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