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CSR at Turley

We are pleased to share our CSR report for 2018/19.

CSR is at the heart of how Turley does business to shape better places and make a positive difference. It’s in our DNA. We have been acting responsibly since the company began 36 years ago and continue to follow an approach to CSR that covers a number of ‘strands’.

In this, our fourth published annual report, we have continued to map our CSR activity against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs); and provide particular detail on those areas where we have focussed as a business in the last financial year.

We practice CSR through our professional advice, and this year we have highlighted how a selection of the projects we have helped deliver will contribute to achievement of the UNSDGs.

In 2019 the company refreshed its overall business strategy with our CSR approach fully integrated in the core of the business.

Alongside this report, we are publishing a greenhouse gas (GHG) report prepared by our in-house Sustainability team.


Turley CSR Report 2018/19

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Our CSR Report is accompanied by:


5 March 2018

Turley GHG Emissions Report

As a responsible business, managing our environmental impacts is important to us, and to our clients, who as a minimum expect ...


5 March 2018

Mission Direct video

The Charitable Trust has supported the work of Mission Direct for the past five years.


UNSDG 8: Bath Quays
Client Bath & North East Somerset Council
Turley office
Status Planning permission granted for Bath Quays South, Bridge and Bath Quays North
View project