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Client The Tyttenhanger Estate
Status Ongoing
LPA Hertsmere Borough Council

Developing a highly sustainable new garden village in Hertsmere

The project

  • The Tyttenhanger Estate represents an opportunity to develop a highly sustainable new garden village community in a key strategic location within the borough of Hertsmere on the site of previously used Green Belt land.
  • The new community proposals will comprise a sustainable mixed-use new settlement of up to 6,000 new homes (4,000 homes within the plan period) and a country park.
  • We were appointed in 2017, providing planning, design, sustainability and economics advice throughout each stage of the emerging Hertsmere Local Plan. We submitted proposals for the settlement including a comprehensive vision document.
  • Tyttenhanger remains the only substantial site currently identified by Hertsmere Council in their latest “Planning For Growth” consultation document (October 2018) suitable for a strategic new settlement in the district, capable of accommodating over 4,000 new dwellings and strategic new employment opportunities (4,000 new jobs).

Contribution to meeting UNSDGs

  • Goal 15 includes ensuring the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems and their services, in particular forests, wetlands, mountains and drylands’.
  • Tyttenhanger Estate New Garden village contributes to Goal 15 as the location of the development provides many sustainability benefits, including being accessible to other nearby developments through sustainable transport methods including walking and cycling. In addition, the development will provide new sustainable community infrastructure to serve the wider existing catchment.
  • The development will reuse land currently subject to existing sand and gravel extraction, with the intention of utilising minerals from within the site to facilitate sustainable construction, thereby minimising the use of resources from other locations.
  • The landscaped restoration of the site and the creation of new habitats and increased biodiversity also forms a key part of the design vision for the development.


Project sheet

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