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Client The Henry Foundation
Turley office Cambridge
Status Planning permission granted
LPA East Herts District Council

Application success for a new state-of-the-art learning facilities at Henry Moore Studios & Garden

Our role

  • The proposals involved highly sustainable extensions to Sheep Field Barn Gallery to create a learning, engagement and interpretation space at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens.  
  • Whilst the studios had a well-established education programme, they were lacking in a suitable space to facilitate this. Visitors include education groups from schools and higher education institutions as the study of Henry Moore and his work is a key part of the National Curriculum in Art, Design & Technology. The foundation also supports special educational needs (SEN) students and works with community groups. 
  • We were responsible for providing Planning and Heritage services during the pre-application discussions, public consultation and the preparation of the planning application, with planning support throughout the life of the application.


  • Pre-application discussions with the council and engagement with the local community resulted in a positive consultation process as part of the application, including no resident objections and support provided by the parish council.
  • Given the rural location of the site, it was felt that local concerns could be focused on vehicle movements during both construction and operation. Given this, traffic management details were provided up front, with assurance that the development sought to cater for existing visitor numbers rather than generating more.
  • The development will allow them to run a more extensive engagement programme, ranging from school workshops to academic talks, providing greater opportunities for visitor engagement, in addition to having fully equipped spaces to allow for ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ workshops as well as flexibility for lectures, interactive spaces, and areas to display Henry Moore’s work.
  • The application was approved by the council by delegated powers in September 2023.

Images courtesy of DSHDA


Project sheet

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