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Client Rainier Developments Ltd
Turley office Cambridge
Status Ongoing
LPA Braintree District Council

Appeal success for 35 dwellings at Tye Green, Braintree

Our role

  • The proposals involved the development of a greenfield site adjacent to the settlement boundary of Tye Green, in an authority area where there is a shortfall in housing land supply. The site is also subject to a Neighbourhood Plan which considered the site part of an Open Countryside Buffer Area, but is otherwise unconstrained.
  • We were responsible for providing Planning and Strategic Communications services during the pre-application discussions, public consultation and the preparation of the planning application, with planning support throughout the life of the application.
  • The application was initially refused by the authority due to the location outside of the settlement boundary, as well as the grounds of coalescence and design. 
  • We led and managed a successful appeal by way of a hearing against refusal of planning permission with planning and 5-year housing land supply witnesses, supporting a wider multi-disciplinary team including design and landscape witnesses.


  • The development will provide up to 35 new homes, including market and affordable properties, in a sustainable location within the village of Tye Green and only a short distance from Braintree.
  • The delivery of new homes in the area will help meet housing needs in a location where there is a proven shortfall in supply.
  • The scheme includes a substantial area of public open space which exceeds the council requirements, providing a high-quality environment which will include extensive planting and ecological enhancements to achieve meaningful net-gain.

Image courtesy of edge Urban Design


Project sheet

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