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We are sustainability experts and our specialism is at the heart of national planning policy

Sustainable growth shapes all our consultancy advice, activity and ambition. We are sustainability experts who apply our knowledge to deliver sustainable places and buildings that mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.

We have contributed to the production of key national climate change and net zero carbon guidance from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and UK Green Building Council.

Our products and services

Sustainability assessments and appraisals

Systematic, objective appraisal of the sustainability of a location and development against defined sustainability objectives

Social Value Assessments and Strategies

With our Economics colleagues, we can support projects from bid stage through to application and delivery to demonstrate social value

Review and critique of SA and SEA Local Plan documents

Independent critique of the soundness and legal compliance of sustainability assessments used to support public sector plans and proposals

BREEAM & Home Quality Mark (HQM)

Application of leading international design and assessment method for sustainable buildings

Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) and Embodied Carbon

We use BREEAM-compliant LCA software tools to prepare cost-effective LCA and Embodied Carbon assessments for construction projects

Bespoke sustainability strategies

Development of bespoke sustainability strategies as an alternative to BREEAM or other traditional sustainability metrics

Net Zero Carbon

Using our technical knowledge and experience with the UK GBC guidance we calculate organisations' and developments' carbon footprints and develop strategies to deliver net zero carbon or carbon neutrality

Carbon Footprint & Management

Commercially-focussed carbon footprinting, management and mitigation services for organisations, products and development projects in accordance with international standards

Sustainability and climate change chapters of an ES

Utilising our experience with the IEMA Guidance to prepare climate change adaptation and mitigation chapters of an Environmental Statement

Waste management strategies and Circular Economy Statements

Devising strategies to demonstrate to local authorities how construction and operational waste will be monitored and reduced in accordance with circular economy principles

Site promotion and advocacy

Advice to demonstrate that a proposed development is sustainable in accordance with national and local planning policy

Energy and carbon reduction strategies

Development of energy and carbon reduction strategies to meet specific local planning policy targets

Corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategies

Advising businesses on sustainable operation and corporate social responsibility to their customers, employees and communities

Representations and expert witness

Provision of sustainability support to inform Local Plan representations and attendance at examinations and inquiries for public and private sector clients


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University of Manchester Expert Sustainability Advisor

  • Client: University of Manchester
  • Turley office: Manchester
  • Status: Ongoing

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