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Client ZEDpods
Turley office Bristol
Status Complete
LPA Bristol City Council

Providing modular, zero-carbon and affordable homes

Our role


  • As one of the city’s projects driven by the Bristol Housing Festival, the scheme proposed 11 affordable homes for young people at risk of housing crisis. The land itself is council owned and in use as a public car park.
  • The site remains in use as a public car park with the space above it optimised by an innovative design comprising modular and zero-carbon homes which are positioned onto a steel frame above the car parking spaces.
  • Turley was appointed to submit the planning application and assist with the community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Delivery of homes above a public car park brought about its own technical and planning challenges, requiring Turley to demonstrate that the proposals were safe and provided a good level of amenity while ensuring the management of these homes would operate in harmony with the sites continued use as a car park.


  • These challenges were overcome through early engagement with a wide range of stakeholders and sharing of information. This enabled the scheme to be tailored, subsequently avoided consultee objections and allowed the planning authority to approve the scheme within the statutory determination period.
  • The scheme includes nine one-bedroom pods and two two-bedroom pods.
  • The development is now fully built and occupied and has won a number of awards for its innovation.
  • We have built a strong relationship with ZEDpods and act on their behalf to deliver similar schemes across the South West.


Project sheet

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