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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Turley

We are pleased to share our ESG report for 2022-23.

Following on from a successful inaugural year we are pleased to announce the publication of the latest ESG report.

Working with our Sustainability and ESG team we are continuing to make significant progress in the identification of additional ‘material’ areas, under which we are currently strengthening our disclosures (public reporting of ESG targets and performance). We are moving towards B Corp status and continue to train our co-owners to be Carbon Literate.

As an employee-owned business, our governance is demonstrated through our transparent structures, diversified decision-making, and co-owner (employee) empowerment to ensure they have a voice to influence our strategy and decisions. Being a responsible business is part of our founding principles, values and has guided our independent Charitable Trust’s work since 2008.


ESG Report 2022-23

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