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Client Ashworth Parkes Architects
Turley office Cambridge
Status Planning permission granted
LPA Cambridge City Council

Demolition in the West Cambridge Conservation Area

Our role 

  • The development was for the demolition of an existing house and replacement with a larger house including four bedrooms, a basement and a swimming pool.
  • Our Planning and Heritage & Townscape teams have been involved in the project for some time, supporting the client through pre-application discussions and the planning application.
  • During the course of pre-application discussions and the planning application, the conservation officer objected to the proposals due to the principle of demolishing the existing house, despite this not being identified as of any value to the conservation area, and raised concerns around the size of the new home.
  • We supported the architects through the design development to address many of the comments made by the conservation officer.
  • Despite the conservation officer objection, the planning officer supported our case that the development will preserve and enhance the character of the conservation area.


  • Heritage was the fundamental issue with the proposals, with our team providing specialist advice to client, supported by our extensive knowledge of the conservation area.
  • The application was taken to planning committee for determination and approved by members.
  • The new dwelling will be highly sustainable including high thermal performance, passive design features, heat pumps, water efficiency, designing out overheating and the use of smart technologies.

Image courtesy of Ashworth Parkes Architects


Project sheet

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