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Client Dublin City Council
Turley office Dublin
Status Complete
LPA n/a

Identifying a cultural need in the North Central area of Dublin

Our role

  • In March 2022, having identified limited culture infrastructure in the North Central area of Dublin (NCA), Dublin City Council’s Arts Office and the Arts Council commissioned our Strategic Communications team to undertake a research project to assess the current provision of arts and culture infrastructure in the NCA, its usage by artists and audiences’, and their perceptions, experiences and thoughts about future arts provision in their locality.
  • We designed and managed a quantitative–led survey that targeted responses from artists and community members of the NCA, and co-authored a findings report with audience development and research agency, Thrive, who conducted focus group research.


  • Our findings report was supplemented by qualitative data generated from focus groups and was facilitated by our audience research partner Thrive. 
  • The focus groups and surveys were deemed successful, identifying the need for a cultural presence in the North Central area of Dublin through the addition and influence of artists, arts and culture organisations.


Project sheet

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