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Employee ownership

One of Turley’s hallmarks is that we are a fully employee-owned company.

All our co-owners have an equal interest and responsibility in our service and success. We are invested in each other. The depth of engagement by colleagues in the business shows. You will feel the difference working with us.

Our people behave like owners because they are.  Our co-owners are exceptionally engaged.

Co-owners act in support of our clients and of our business. Owners will go that extra mile that means outstanding service. We work flexibly and value diversity.

We seek out professional development and success in our work. Reward is earned as an individual and part of a team. We achieve with the support of colleagues and co-consultants.

The formal ownership of our company is held in an Employee Benefit Trust which is overseen by Trustees. Our company is run by its people under a model of delegated leadership.


“We are in business together so that our people, places and performance will flourish”. 

We have a distributed leadership model which supports succession, longevity and co-owner development.

We invite all co-owners to engage with the business they help to shape our strategy to contributing through a group or initiative.   All have opportunity to contribute to the leadership of our business.

We adopt an approach of ‘most effective delivery’ – where responsibility is given to the individual or group that is best placed to deliver.

Giving something back

We devote a proportion of our profits to our Charitable Trust which donates funds for the relief of poverty and those in need. Find out more.