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Unlocking development opportunities

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon (ABC) Council are scheduled to published their Preferred Options Paper this month.

The Preferred Options Paper, or POP, sets out where the council intends to focus new development and identifies locations where development may be restricted.

The POP, once published, will be available for public consultation and will form a critical step towards the new Local Development Plan for the area.

Unlike previous plan preparation exercises the issuing of the Preferred Options Paper is the only opportunity available to land owners, key stakeholders and the wider community to influence the Plan. Later stages in the process will focus on objections to technical or procedural points – this is a significant change from the previous process.

The council will be encouraging anyone who has an interest in land or property in the council area to contribute their views.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss how this could affect your interests, please contact Angela Wiggam or Emma Walker.

28 March 2018

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