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Nitrogen Neutrality in the Solent

Is your residential scheme likely to be affected by Natural England objections in relation to nitrogen loading on protected international ecological sites in and around the Solent?

Produced in draft in March 2018, the Integrated Water Management Study highlighted that several designated ecological areas (Special Protection Areas (SPA), Special Area of Conservation and potential SPA designations) located within the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) and surrounding area have the potential to be affected by increases in discharges of treated sewage effluent from future housing growth.

Whilst the area affected is still being refined, at present, the nitrogen issue is likely to affect all residential development proposal in the PUSH area (including areas to the north of PUSH) and parts of Chichester District.

The below downloadable PDF summarises the key issues, proposals likely to be affected, how impacts can be mitigated and what we should do now for nitrogen neutrality.


Nitrogen Neutrality in the Solent

Download PDF

For more information, please contact Daniel Ramirez.

18 April 2019

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