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Fermanagh & Omagh District Council: Local Development Plan

Below is a summary of the Preferred Options Paper that has been published for consultation.

Northern Ireland Local Development Plan Monitoring

Key goals:

  • To provide for 5,190 new homes by 2030 in a range of housing and locations.
  • To facilitate the creation of 4,875 new jobs by 2030 at a variety of locations.


  • Enniskillen and Omagh town centre boundaries could be reviewed.
  • Primary retail core proposed for Omagh.
  • Vacant school sites within Omagh town centre could provide development opportunities.
  • 1,000 sq m threshold proposed for retail impact assessments for development outside town centres.


  • Potential to allocate sites for tall telecommunication masts.
  • Stricter policy approach to wind energy is proposed. New wind energy proposals will not be acceptable in sensitive locations (eg. AONB).
  • Non-wind forms of renewable energy will be promoted.
  • Potential to zone land for schools and community facilities.


  • Major focus for development will be in Enniskillen and Omagh.
  • A number of settlements are to be reclassified within the settlement hierarchy.
  • Potential to zone additional sites for housing within the two main towns.


  • Existing employment land zonings to be reassessed.
  • New employment zonings will be driven by demand and opportunities resulting from proposed infrastructure.
  • New and extended areas of mineral constraint proposed to restrict mineral development.
  • Boost to tourism sector through the identification of potential tourism growth areas.


  • Further constraints in areas experiencing high levels of development pressure resulting from wind turbines and single dwellings will be put forward.
  • All local landscape designations to be reviewed and potentially extended.
  • New local landscape and heritage designations will be proposed.
  • Requirement for integrated renewable technology on sites of 1ha or more or 1,000 sq m or more is proposed.

Next steps:

The council have now published their Preferred Options Paper for a consultation period of eight weeks from 3 October to 28 November 2016.

During this time the council will be seeking comments on the proposed policies and will be holding a number of workshops across the district.

Below is a summary of the timetable for the key stages in the preparation of the LDP. Details of the workshops can be found here.

  • Preferred Options Paper: 3 October 2016
  • Draft Plan Strategy: April - June 2017
  • Independent Examination: January - March 2018
  • Adopt Plan Strategy: April - June 2018
  • Draft Local Policies Plan: January - March 2019
  • Independent Examination: January - March 2020
  • Adopt Local Policies Plan: April - June 2020

If you would like a chat about what this could mean for you please contact Angela Wiggam or Emma Walker.

3 October 2016

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