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Derry and Strabane Preferred Options Paper Launched

The headlines from the Derry and Strabane Preferred Options Paper are detailed below.


A new five tier settlement hierarchy is proposed as follows:

  • City – Derry
  • Main Town – Strabane
  • Local Towns – Castlederg, Newtownstewart and Claudy
  • Villages – Sion Mills is to be reclassified from a town to a village
  • Small Settlements

The focus of development will be Derry and Strabane.

Cross-boundary discussions are taking place in relation to the growth options for Muff, Bridgend, Lifford and Killea.

The council’s preferred option is to identify the use of Planning Agreements and developer contributions through the LDP. This is the approach endorsed by DfI but there is still a need to be cautious about viability given the test of deliverability


  • 12,000 new homes proposed by 2032
  • Committed and zoned land will be retained
  • Uncommitted land will be reviewed and potentially de-zoned
  • New land may be zoned in accordance with the sequential approach in SPPS and deliverability – the first time deliverability has been mentioned as a test for zoning
  • Considering affordable housing policy for all housing sites – subject to further research by DfI NIHE etc


  • 15,000 new jobs by 2032
  • The council will re-evaluate employment land zonings and rezone inappropriate and unnecessary lands. New land may also be zoned
  • Derry city centre will be re-evaluated and boundaries will be reviewed
  • Strabane town centre boundaries will be reviewed
  • Local town centres – a town centre boundary will be defined for Claudy and Newtownstewart
  • The council is seeking to maximise development opportunities along the upgraded A5, A6 and A2
  • The council will identify ‘Wind Sensitivity Zones’ to restrict windfarm developments
  • Minerals development will be controlled as per PSRNI with the identification of ACMD and Areas of Safeguarding.

If you have any questions regarding the Derry and Strabane Preferred Options Paper, please contact Angela Wiggam or Emma Walker.

31 May 2017

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