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Briefing on Bristol Local Plan Review consultation

Consultation on the Bristol Local Plan Review, March 2019, is now live and will run until 24 May 2019[1].

This consultation follows that held in Spring 2018. This more advanced iteration (but not yet a full draft plan) comprises documents containing details of the council’s approach to strategic growth areas, details of proposed land use allocations, and additional and revised draft policies on key matters of detail; including, as anticipated, a greater focus on the creation of sustainable communities and climate change.

The below downloadable PDF summarises some ‘stand out’ points from over 600 pages of consultation documentation[2].


Briefing on Bristol Local Plan Review consultation

Download PDF

For more information please contact Helen Tilton or Andrew Ross.

20 March 2019

[1] The council currently anticipates publication in November 2019, and adoption at the end of December 2020.

[2] These summaries do not reflect the entirety of the emerging policy context or Plan – please contact Turley for further assistance.

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