Paul White
Consultant, Sustainability


Good design lifts the spirit.  It is essential to the creation of sustainable, successful places of lasting worth. 

Achieving well-designed development is a critical part of our planning perspective. We want to be proud of our places

Our team of designers combines creativity with technical know-how to generate imaginative and compelling designs.

Our work captures the opportunity inherent in each new development to create vibrant new places that are valued and valuable.

We create:

  • urban design strategies
  • development frameworks
  • masterplans
  • design statements, guidance and codes
  • enhancement schemes
  • strong drawn and document graphics.

The team’s capacity and national reach is blended with a strong local knowledge and a responsive approach. We understand local characteristics and conditions to shape development that sits comfortably in its context – minimising risk, maximising distinctiveness.

We work with our colleagues, clients and communities to help deliver sustainable new places,  places for life.

At Fleet Marston, Aylesbury we produced a compelling strategic masterplan for new mixed use, well connected, neighbourhoods set within green infrastructure and including 2750 new homes. An appeal decision is awaited.

Download our interactive PDF A Wider Perspective to find out more about our six core services.

Meet the Team

Justine Daly
Director, Urban Design
Mark Blain
Associate Director, Urban Design
Stuart Randle
Associate Director, Urban Design
Stephen Taylor
Associate Director, Urban Design
Jonathan Vernon-Smith
Associate Director, Urban Design
Debbie Clutton
Senior Urban Designer
Marek Dreissig
Senior Urban Designer
Neil Woodhouse
Senior Urban Designer
Mark Foster
Urban Designer
Angela Jacobs
Urban Designer
Sarah Masters
Urban Designer
Rebecca Newiss
Urban Designer