Expert Witness

In public inquiries, tribunal and court proceedings the opinion of an expert who can combine advanced technical and legal knowledge and substantial professional experience counts.

We provide expert witness support for planning and property related appeals, disputes and litigation. Our experience covers appeals at a variety of Inquiries, hearings and other tribunals to present expert opinion that will withstand detailed scrutiny.

Proceedings include:

  • public inquiries
  • planning or other regulatory enforcement proceedings
  • judicial review and legal challenge cases
  • property disputes and litigation/arbitration
  • compensation and restrictive covenant cases
  • professional negligence claims.

We prepare proofs of evidence and give evidence at Public Local Inquiries in relation to a wide range of formal procedures including:

  • planning appeals and Secretary of State call-in
  • listed building appeals and Secretary of State call-in
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Highway Stopping Up and Footpath Orders
  • Harbour Revision Orders
  • Transport & Works Act Orders
  • Planning Act 2008 development consent orders
  • inquiries held under the Electricity Act.

We provided expert planning and heritage evidence at public inquiry into an appeal under Section 18 of the Land Compensation Act 1961. This resulted in the issue of a Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development establishing height and quantum of development allowable on a site in central Liverpool. This has enabled a satisfactory settlement of compensation following compulsory purchase of the property.