Cliffdon Creagh, Northern Ireland

Location: Northern IrelandScale: 500KWStatus: Complete

Cliffdon Creagh image

We submitted a planning application for a 500KW Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant at Creagh Road, Creagh, Northern Ireland. The AD plan will generate electricity and heat from biogas and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generator.

The principal feedstocks to generate the bio-gas are grass, silage, maize, slurry, whole crop, fodder beet, wheat, barley, oats, red clover and mustard seed grain. The scheme will provide economical and environmental benefits, as well as contribute to the challenge of addressing the need to generate electricity from sustainable sources, and making use of agricultural waste.

It is envisaged that the heat of the plant will be sold to local industrial businesses in Creagh Business Park. Given the recent (April 2011) increase in incentivisation (Renewable Obligation Certificates - the Northern Irish equivalent of Feed In Tariffs 'FITs') there is anticipation that it will be the first of many applications.