Belfast City Airport

Client: George Best Belfast City AirportLocation: BelfastScale: 130 haStatus: Ongoing

Belfast City Airport image

Belfast City airport is Belfast’s second airport with 2.5 million passengers per annum. Our aim was to protect the airport’s ability to run a successful business despite its proximity to important nature conservation designations and residential areas. We achieved this through submissions in the regional plan for Northern Ireland and through the Development Plan process.

Through submissions to and appearing at the Public Examination into the Regional Development Strategy we have ensured that the airport’s economic significance and development requirements are safeguarded in the future. As part of this exercise we prepared a draft development framework for the airport and surrounding lands.

Additionally, over 20 objections and written statements were submitted to the local planning authority (LPA) in relation to the proposals in the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2025, eg nature and landscape designations; public transport routes and parking; and aspects of economic and land use policy.

Research was carried out into similar airports in the rest of the UK and elsewhere to support arguments presented at the BMAP Inquiry. We co-ordinated the legal team and the experts presenting evidence to the Inquiry on specific issues. A high level of agreement was reached with the LPA, including re-allocation of surplus lands for employment use.

A draft layout for office development on the airport’s surplus lands was prepared as part of the above exercise.