Gary Forster 1962 - 2017

Gary Forster 1962 - 2017

It is with great sadness that we learn of the news that Gary Forster passed away after a battle with cancer on 10 July.

There is so much I remember and value.

Gary was accomplished. As a family man, a professional, a thinker, an enquirer, an analyst, a manager, a leader, a colleague and a citizen. For most of his professional career a Turley co-owner.

Gary joined Turley in 1995 and was instrumental in establishing our London office and delivering consultancy services to Sainsbury's across the country for 20 years with considerable success.

Shortly after joining Gary was appointed to the Board and served as an Executive Director helping to lead the growth of the Company and its consultancy services. He did this with insight, wit, openness, respect, courtesy and scrupulous fairness.

I worked closely with Gary and enjoyed his partnership, strategic thinking and trusted delivery. Gary was committed to the success of the Company, standing for quality and high standards. He led by example and was always willing to share, teach and care.

Gary never forgot his Sunderland roots although was also a proud London citizen and Wimbledon resident becoming involved in the local community outside of planning. The Dorset cottage was a beautiful place of escape for Gary and his family.

The planning scene is the poorer now and has lost someone who could make (and taste) the difference.

We send our sincerest condolences to Vanessa and sons James, Henry and Charlie at this time of great sadness. At the same time we thank them for sharing Gary with us. A man who will be much missed by many.

Rob Lucas
Chief Executive, Turley