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Meeting the housing needs of the UK population sits at the heart of the Government’s economic and political agendas.

The call to significantly increase the delivery of housing has been made on numerous occasions over that last 20 years but the intensity and strength of resolve is hardening as its importance has shifted from the domain of DCLG to the Treasury and into the heart of Downing Street.

Turley has played its role in this debate and seeks a package of solutions to comprehensively address the challenge.

Our ‘Housing our Nation’ series considers a broad range of issues and provides focus on areas within the planning and development domain where increases in supply can be achieved and long term solutions put in place.

The comments and articles set out below each address specific issues or challenges. They will be added to over the coming months as the debate continues.

Please click on the cover image below to download a compendium of the Turley ‘Housing our Nation’ commentary on the Housing White Paper:

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Please share your views on both the articles and the housing crisis in general. We would be pleased to hear what you have to say – please contact Stuart Irvine (stuart.irvine@turley.co.uk).