Our business

Our business structure reflects our values and provides opportunity for involvement and influence from all our people.

Our business organisation is built around attributes of professional excellence, client service, quality, exceptional employee engagement, consistent commerciality and fairness.

Employee Benefit Trust (EBT)
Turley is an employee-owned company established to provide security and benefits for all its employees.

The co-ownership model was selected in 1996 as the most appropriate to secure:

  • our independence and longevity
  • a stable and equitable ownership
  • future flexibility by removing the private equity of shareholders
  • the opportunity for profit share
  • future succession.

This model has played a significant part in creating the distinctive personality and culture of our business.

The shareholding of the company is held in full by an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) which acts as a ‘warehouse’ for the shares and has a duty to act in the interest of all beneficiaries (our employees).

The EBT is governed by a body of Trustees separate from the company’s own Board and directors.

The Trust is an influential body which holds the ownership of the company although it does not have a day to day role in the running of the company.

Leadership Team
The company is led by a group of Senior Directors with both strategic and operational responsibilities under the overall direction of Chair, Sir Michael Bear, and Managing Director, Dave Trimingham.