Planning alongside people to meet development needs is a shared process.

Community and stakeholder engagement is an essential aspect of planning and development. Effective engagement can win the support and consensus needed for new development in a more locally-focussed planning system.

Our specialist consultants plan and deliver bespoke engagement programmes that get to the heart of local issues and build support for planning applications. We also provide consultation services for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Working across all sectors, our approach is to offer a ‘toolkit’ of engagement techniques that reach out to all sections of a community and in particular hard to reach groups. We have expert experience in leading and managing the following:

  • bespoke engagement methodologies
  • public exhibitions, workshops and meetings
  • liaison with key stakeholders
  • political briefings and media relations
  • digital media
  • facilitation and awareness-raising.

At Milford Haven Port we orchestrated three rounds of community and stakeholder workshops together with innovative approaches to engaging the local community so as to ensure genuinely local-led planning.

Meet the Team

James Anderson
Associate Director, Engagement
John Davison
Associate Director, Engagement
Emma Zukowski
Associate Director, Engagement
Andrea Kellegher
Senior Consultant, Engagement
Fareeda Ahmed
Consultant, Engagement
Michael Clare
Consultant, Engagement
Adam Buxton
Assistant Consultant, Engagement