In London we are known for:

  • our passion for London
  • being planners driven by creative place shaping and the positive legacy that change can deliver
  • being more than just ‘processors’ by adding value through creative influence and collaboration
  • our strength of network, connections and relationships
  • the quality of our work and skills
  • our insight, smart strategies, commerciality and advocacy
  • our enthusiasm and joy in the process; and
  • our full service integrated Planning offer including the Heritage, TVIA, Economics, Engagement and Sustainability specialisms.

We have been established in London for over 20 years. We act primarily for the private sector and, more recently, for London local authorities on their own property development. We have a reputation for providing honest and sound advice, skilled presentation, advocacy and negotiation and for delivering successful results.

We have strength and depth in our 50 strong London team, led by Michael Lowndes and an experienced team of directors, covering all sectors across the capital. London is also the home for several of our national services including Heritage led by Roger Mascall, VIA led by Katy Neaves and Engagement led by Jonathan Walton.

Our focus is on complex, mixed use, high value developments across London. Our role is to negotiate permissions, often on sensitive and difficult sites, and this involves seeing the bigger picture, an in-depth knowledge of relevant planning issues and establishing close working relationships. The practice advocates a commercial approach to planning matters, while we win by building consensus. This approach is based on cumulative experience and skill that we have nurtured within our London office over the past two decades.

We are known for our expertise across the central London boroughs, specifically Westminster, RBKC, Camden and Islington. We are also currently active in 27 other inner and outer London boroughs where we have established strong local connections. We understand local priorities and value our relationships including those with key stakeholders such as the GLA, TfL and Historic England.  We believe that our clients' interests are best served by the warm yet professional relationships we forge and by our consensus building approach.

We track and influence change in policy, regulation and good practice to ensure the best possible advice for clients. We work collaboratively with clients and project teams to promote attractive, sustainable development that adds economic, environmental and community value. We embrace complexity, develop smart strategies and make the process rewarding for our clients. 

Our local connections include:

  • London First
  • New London Architecture
  • New London Sounding Board
  • Westminster Property Association
  • City Property Association
  • BPF Planning Group
  • Design for Homes
  • Planning Advisory Development Forum (GLA)
  • Planning Futures
  • West End Streets Group
17 Gresse Street
London W1T 1QL
Tel. +44 (0)20 7851 4010
Retail Assessment
Michael Lowndes
Executive Director
020 7851 4010
Sarah Bevan
Sid Hadjioannou
Lorraine Hughes
Will Lingard
Sarah Stevens
Graeme Warriner
Laurence Brooker
Associate Director
Ian Fergusson
Associate Director
Lorna Henderson
Associate Director
Oliver Jefferson
Associate Director
Paul Keywood
Associate Director
Rory McManus
Associate Director
Claire Newbury
Associate Director
Susie Stephen
Associate Director
Jon Bowen
Senior Planner
Kiran Ubbi
Senior Planner
Craig Slack
Senior Planner
Marie Dos
Assistant Planner
Fiona Flaherty
Assistant Planner
Rachel Hearn
Assistant Planner
Roger Mascall
Director, Head of Heritage
020 7851 4010
Richard Brookes
Director, Heritage
Marc Timlin
Associate Director, Heritage
Andrea Levin
Senior Consultant, Heritage
Lauren Way
Senior Consultant, Heritage
Jenny Tonkins
Consultant, Heritage
Hannah Walker
Assistant Consultant, Heritage
Amy Gilham
Associate Director, Economics
Charlotte Morphet
Senior Consultant, K&I
Lesley Treacy
Associate Director, Sustainability
James Anderson
Associate Director, Engagement
Fareeda Ahmed
Consultant, Engagement
Susie Stephen
Associate Director
Katy Neaves
Associate Director, Head of VIA
020 7851 4010
Isabel Jones
VIA Consultant